Friday, May 16, 2014

The Colors of You

One of my favorite things about living in New England is the change of seasons. Every few months, God paints a new tapestry, full of color and rich in detail. As I gaze upon these tapestries, I can see the Master Artist's hand at work. Here's a little peek at what I see. Hope you enjoy it.

The Colors of You
by Vicki Scott Burns

The smoky swirls of a fire’s warmth
The stillness of the midnight air
Ebony skies at night
You are black

The crown of wisdom that comes with age
The clouds that dance across the sky
Shiny streaks of moonlight
You are gray

Man’s darkest sins made pure as the snow
The lilies that adorn the fields
My breath on wintry days
You are white

The color of a cardinal’s wings
The velvet petal of a rose
Blood Jesus shed for me
You are red

The final glory of the sunset
The crown of jewels fall trees adorn
Refining fire’s flames
You are orange

The golden tones of the mercy seat
The glimmer of the rising sun
Land flowing with honey
You are yellow

The evergreens high upon hilltops
First sign of spring’s awakening
Emerald pasture lands
You are green

The innocence in a newborn’s eyes
Sapphire waters deep and dark
Indigo skies at dawn
You are blue

The shadows of mountains majestic
The hues of David’s royal robes
Shimmer of gentle rain
You are purple

You are the Master Artist,
This canvas is Your gift to me.
Lord, thank you for letting me see
The colors of You.

Copyright © 2014 by Vicki Scott Burns

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